Pro Wrestling Title Belts

Dreaming About A Pro Wrestling Title Belt

I have had a dream all of my life as a wrestling fan. That dream is one of being the best in the world. But not just being the best but letting everybody know that you are the best. The feeling of pride and respect one receives with being the best is my adrenaline, my rush, my jones. One of the main ways in wrestling that people can know that you are the best is with a properly made stunning championship like the ones made by Legacy Championship Belts.

The glorious prestige of the championship title belt has always been a major selling factor in Professional Wrestling. From The early days of the NWA, WWWF, and AWA, that Pro Wrestling Belt meant you had the pull, you had the power, and you had the prestige and the honor to be called the best in the world. And if your bely looks like a shabby piece of Cardboard that you would find inside of a cereal box then your hard work and effort and dedication really has been demeaned in my opinion. Legacy championship belts can give you the sense of pride and passion that comes along with being the best at what you do.

Getting a prize worth fighting for is also a big incentive to getting fans into your federation. You can have all the talented wrestlers, all the great characters, all the greatest mic salesmen, but if your champion looks like a paper champion you’ve lost a major part of your credibility. I currently manage the PWF U.S. Hardcore Champion, the Unchained Outlaw, Levi Mullins, and I’m DAMN proud to say that we have a belt designed by the great people at Legacy Belts and Awards. The fans want to see the biggest and best fought for every month.

The same can also be said for building the wealth and empire of your federation up to new and upcoming wrestlers who want to be part of your federation. Having a finely made belt like the ones Legacy Championship Belts and Awards pride themselves on making is a firm selling bullet to new talent coming saying “Hey, this is the federation I want to be part of. That belt is beautiful and Me and Me alone will be the future holder of that belt.” You don’t want to be part of some rinky dink federation filled with wannabees and has beens who are just struggling to stay around. You want to be involved with the best, and the best deserve the best belts. And you will tryout and be part of the best wrestling federation around.

But most of all it’s all about self-pride. You can have all the people loving you, and all the critics loving the work you do, but unless you yourself have pride in what you do its all meaningless. Legacy belts will give you a quality product that will tell everyone that you are champion, but most of all will tell you that you are champion, that you are the best, and that you have accomplished your dreams and have the right awards to show it.
So whether you are a fan of the sport, a wrestler trying to make it big in the sport, or just someone who takes great pride in your work, a legacy championship belt is what you need.


About Professional Wrestler Rick Love

I am the best selling author of the most popular dating book ever written and Professional Wrestling's original heart-throb. As a full time pro wrestler I spend about 188 days a year on the road. Join me in my travels by visiting my blogs or visit my personal website .
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