Welcome to the Official Website of Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida, and the PWF: Championship Wrestling From Florida show.

Historically, Florida has always been a hot spot for the sport of professional wrestling. Many of the top wrestling stars have come out of the Zero 1 PWF CWFL territory largely in part to our pro wrestling school in Orlando, Florida. We provide a high energy show featuring the best wrestling talent available. At Zero 1 PWF Championship Wrestling From Florida the cost of a ticket will get you a whole seat but you’ll only need the edge! When you see the Zero 1 PWF CWFL name on the show you can be sure that you will get you’re money’s worth when you buy a ticket. Pro Wrestling Fit Championship Wrestling From Florida.

A personal message from Chairman Jim Shires,

Welcome to Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida and the Championship Wrestling From Florida show. We are the official Florida branch of Zero 1 PWF USA, the sanctioning body for Professional Wrestling in the USA under the authority of Zero 1 PWF International.

The Professional Wrestlers that are on our shows support the rich heritage of Southern Style Pro Wrestling and are proud to be an important part of this history and tradition. Zero 1 PWF Florida plans to keep the tradition of Southern style pro wrestling going. We have assembled a roster of talented wrestlers that can bring this sport back to the former level of glory and respect that it once held. Our facility in Orlando is home to our Pro Wrestling School, Pro Wrestling Talent Management Company, the Zero 1 PWF Live event arena and Pro Wrestling Television show. With our weekly TV show, “Zero 1 PWF International” TV, we provide the best opportunity for pro wrestlers and pro wrestling fans to get the best that this sport has to offer.

The Promoters, Staff and the Pro Wrestlers themselves cordially invite you to come on out to the live shows and witness the tradition that is Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit. As the President of PWF Florida, I give you my personal assurance that you will not be disappointed!

As a special bonus for coming to the shows we have a FREE autograph signing party for ticket holders before the matches begin. This is your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite Wrestlers. The Professional Wrestlers look forward to meeting each of you personally so come early and be ready to have a “Slamming Good Time!”



Jim Shires, Chairman

Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida


4 Responses to About

  1. Eli Williamson says:

    I love ur site was wondering if u guys were taken on new talents I trained under boogie woogie man jimmy valiant I graduated in 06 I am rusty and I’m big guy but I can bump great

  2. Cody Lawniczak says:

    What is the cost of tuition? And where in Orlando are you located.

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