Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit CWFL show June 7th 2014


The show opened with PWF USA Commissioner Jack Callahan and PWF USA Heavyweight Champion “The Funkadelic Supervillain” Thump Dupree coming to the ring.  Commissioner Callahan  informed the fans that due to recent threats and actions by PWF Florida Commissioner Jim Shires that he has enlisted the services of Dupree to provide personal security as he is a business man and not a wrestler,  Shires came to ring side and reminded Callahan that he was in a PWF Florida ring at a PWF Florida show and that he would be competing in a match against Shires.  Thump Dupree took an aggressive posture and Commissioner Shires informed Dupree that if he didn’t leave the ring area, he would defending his PWF ZERO ONE USA Heavyweight Title “tonight” even though he was up to that point unscheduled for a title defense.  Dupree, clearly upset, asked Callahan “Can he do that?”  Callahan reluctantly confirmed the validity of Shires threat and Dupree retreated from the ring area with haste.

Match 1-   PWF USA Commissioner Jack Callahan vs. PWF Florida Commissioner Jim Shires.  Shires wins by disqualification after Thump Dupree interferes to save Callahan from an arm bar submission.  (3:38)  Referee: Andy Clarke

PWF ZERO ONE USA Tag Team Champions Latin Fury (“ Pretty Boy Papi” Nieves and Hot Rodz)  comes to the ring with Money Mob Manager  “Big Money” Lee Dobbins.  Hot Rodz  iforms the fans that Latin Fury has held the tag titles for a calendar year without any real competition and issues an open challenge.  The Bounty Hunters (Joe Woods and Dave “Big Rig Harbour) come to the ring and accept the challenge.  Latin Fury, clearly out sized stipulate that The Bounty Hunters have to earn a title shot and agree to a Non Title Contest.

Match 2-  PWF ZERO ONE USA Tag Team Champions Latin Fury (w/ Big Money Lee Dobbins vs. The Bounty Hunters.  The Bounty Hunters win via pinfall  (14:12) Referee: Steve Michaels

Match 3-  “O-Town Reggie Brown vs. “Airbourne” Alex Anthony

Alex Anthony via pinfall (11:45) Referee: Steve Michaels

Intermission-  During Intermission Special Guest Ring Announcer Rico Moon announced that on July 12 PWF ZERO ONE FLORIDA will be hosting the annual MIKE MACE MEMORIAL TAG TEAM CUP. Mike Mace was a long time Florida Independent Wrestler and one half of “The Unchained Outlaws” with Levi Mullins.  The Unchained Outlaws were a top tag team in Florida for many years, holding multiple titles in various promotions in the south.  Mike Mace passed away unexpectedly in June of 2013.  This year the tournament will be held under lethal lottery rules meaning that factions such as the Money Mob will likely find themselves competing against one another,  It will be a single elimination format with 8  competing teams.  The eventual winners will have to compete in three matches in one night to capture the CUP.

Match 4-  PWF ZERO ONE WORLD HARDCRE Champion Nightstalker vs. Simple Simon.  Nightstalker dominated and successfully defended his title via pinfall.  (5:14)  Referee: Andy Clarke.

Match 5-  “Fire and Brimstone” Arron Alexander and The Bodacious Pretty Boy vs. Venom and Cameron Xross (w/ Leroy Jenkins).  Venom and Xross picked up the win bypinfall when cross hit Pretty Boy with a “Short Stack Face Buster” (14:54)  Referee:  Steve Michaels.

Main Event:  PWF ZERO ONE FLORIDA Heavyweight Champion Redd Alert (w/ Big Money Lee Dobbins) vs. “The Unchained Outlaw” Levi Mullins ) w/ Leroy Jenkins.  Mullins wins by disqualification.  Mullins dominated the majority of the contest and had Redd Alert pinned after a vicious spine buster when Money Mob  Members Thump Dupree and Pretty Boy Papi Nieves charged the ring on behalf of fellow Money Mob member Redd Alert to break up the count and prevent Mullins from obtaining his second title win since April.  Mullins previously won the PWF USA HARDCORE Title only to lose to Hot Rodz  the following month due to outside interference by long time nemesis Nightstalker.

It was a must see show from start to finish.  The PWF ZERO ONE fans were treated to an intense competitive event from start to finish.  The show saw debuts from The Bounty Hunters who with their victory assured themselves an eventual title shot against Latin Fury.  Arron Alexander raised the eyebrows of everyone in attendance with his evangelical antics.  Alexander has particularly raised the attention of Money Mob Manager Big Money Lee Dobbins who appeared during Alexander’s tag team match and seemed quite intrigued.  When asked why he appeared at ringside, Dobbins replied, “Its none of your business why I’m out here you swole up thumb looking (explative).  Money Mobs headed to Disney Land!”  The Bodacious Pretty Boy though taking a loss showed why he’s been a dominant force in the Northeast for many years.

Match of the night goes to O-town Reggie Brown vs. Airbourne Alex Anthony.  Anthony is unquestionably a top light heavyweight.  A former ZERO ONE JAPAN roster regular, Anthony is certainly a threat to Pretty Boy Papis Light Heavyweight Title reign.  Big props to O-town Reggie Brown who most certainly held his own and was very capable of knocking off Anthony.  With the return of injured former champions Justin Cage aqnd Lucas Taylor next month, the certain eventual insertion of Cameron Xross and fan favorite Moco Loco in the mix, Pretty Boy Papi Nieves reign as champion could end at any time.  PWF ZERO ONE has a Light Heavyweight Division that is second to none.  With the PWF WORLD JR HEAVYWEIGHT Tournament just around the corner in September, things are definitely heating up.

Francis “The Diz” Goodfellow



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