Pro Wrestling School

Welcome to the official Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida academy of professional wrestling! We were originally part of the WWA brand and have been in the business of training professional wrestlers since 1983. Do you want to know how to become a professional wrestler? Do you have what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler, Manager, Referee or Valet?

We have a team of trainers who understand this business on every level. Our director of training is Kevin Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes is a 3 time World Jr Heavy Weight Champion with the WWA and has wrestled events in four countries. He is a member of the legendary Rhodes wrestling family which includes his Uncle Dusty Rhodes and cousins Cody and Justin Rhodes. He was trained by Bret Sawyer and Dean Malinko, who are recognized as two of the best trainers of their time. Kevin Rhodes had his first match in 1995 and has been actively wrestling since then. He was a major part of the “Turning Up The Heat!” Pro Wrestling TV Show along with the “Championship Wrestling From Florida” TV Show in Orlando while working with the National Wrestling Alliance. To schedule your tryout to become a pro wrestler call Kevin Rhodes at Ph: 321-239-5439 today.

Our event coordinator and trainer is Rick Love who’s career began with the All Japan Pro Wrestling company back in 1974. He was trained by Kim Il (Kintaro Oki) who was the very first and only Korean to ever be an NWA World Heavy Weight Champion. Mr. Love’s career has spanned nearly 4 decades and he is still involved with the daily operations of the Zero 1 PWF USA promotion.


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