Meet Professional Wrestler Reggie Brown

Name: Reggie Brown

Nickname: “The O-Town Punisher”

Height: 5’11

Weight: 196 lbs

Finishing Moves: The Judgement Slam, Fatal KO, The Bow Drop.

Bio:  Reggie Brown is a fun loving guy with a strong sense of justice. Although he has a heart of gold, he’s not to be taken lightly, as he’s incredibly quick and possesses an  in ring martial arts style which he calls “Hakudo No Ken” (Fist of the North Star).

After 4 years on and off the Florida Indy’s, Reggie is ready to turn it up a few notches and make himself known and one day become one of the best. He will be appearing on upcoming episodes of the Pro Wrestling Fit International TV Show.

You can get to know Reggie Brown and other pro wrestlers at the fastest growing social media group on the planet for professional wrestling at Pro Wrestling Fit International.


About Professional Wrestler Rick Love

I am the best selling author of the most popular dating book ever written and Professional Wrestling's original heart-throb. As a full time pro wrestler I spend about 188 days a year on the road. Join me in my travels by visiting my blogs or visit my personal website .
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