Pro Wrestling Show August 2nd 2014

On August 2nd 2014 the Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida arena and Pro Wrestling school played host to one of the most exciting wrestling shows held in Florida. Many of Florida’s top professional wrestling talents were on hand for the show.

Match 1——The opening match of the evening featured a tried and true veteran of PWF, American Dragon vs one of the hottest up and comers this fed has seen in a while El Guapo. This match showcased a lot of the incredible wrestling skills that Guapo has and the martial arts skills of the American Dragon Shane Miller. This match ended in a disqualification with American Dragon coming out on top but El Guapo showed that he and the remainder of Triple XXX are truly the top commodity stable in the federation.

Match 2— Fire and Brimstone Aaron Alexander kept his winning ways alive when he defeated the man who answered his open challenge, the hugely powerful JD Amazing. Aaron Alexander has been on a winning streak lately but is facing his toughest opponent to date in the upcoming weeks when he finally meets up with the man who he tried to screw out of the Mike Mace Memorial Cup, Levi Mullins.

Match 3—In a rematch from the previous week, Uncle Jed tried to get revenge on GrandPappa Pump, but once again fell on the short side of the stick as Grandpappa pump put him out with a sleeper hold.

Match 4—–In one of the greatest matches of the night, red hot newcomer Cameron Xross was just inches away from becoming the New PWF USA Jr. Heavyweight champion but once again Pretty Boy Papi used his strength his wits and his Swag to hold off the challenger. Both superstars impressed the fans immensely and both have a huge future in the Pro Wrestling Fit.

Match 5 —-In a very quick match, Thump Dupree, the newest member of Triple XXX and the trainer for the Zero 1 Pro Wrestling Fit training center showed why he was a force to be reckoned with in PWF as he disposed of the wily veteran the Grappler in less than four minutes.

Match 6—-The Hardcore title was on the line as The champion Hot Rodz took on The Unchained outlaw Levi Mullins with Leroy Jenkins, a tough ring savvy veteran fresh off a win at the Inaugural Mike mace memorial Cup. In a match that featured cobells, kendo sticks, and a well placed belt shot to the head by Hot rodz, Hot rodz remained the Pwf world hardcore Champion

Match 7—In the main event of the Evening the PWF Florida champion, TripleXXX member Venom, took on the challenge of the young challenger, Bobby Fonta. Fonta won via disqualification in a grueling hard fought battle between the two when Venom refused to release a hold while they were in the ropes. After the match Triple XXX came in and disposed of Fonta and then took out Referee Todd Token.


About Professional Wrestler Rick Love

I am the best selling author of the most popular dating book ever written and Professional Wrestling's original heart-throb. As a full time pro wrestler I spend about 188 days a year on the road. Join me in my travels by visiting my blogs or visit my personal website .
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