Pro Wrestling TV Show September 7th 2013

On September 7th 2013 Pro Wrestling Fit Florida, Championship Wrestling From Florida held a live event in Ocoee, Florida just ten minutes from downtown Orlando to film for two weeks of the PWF International TV Show. The night began with PWF Florida CEO Kevin Rhodes announcing that the PWF International TV Show would now contain matches from PWF Japan, PWF Korea and PWF Colombia. Spokes Model Celle Spade greeted the crowd and signed autographs near ringside.

After the playing of the national anthem, Leroy Jenkins has a few words with crowd about the unfair treatment of his stable of wrestlers known as The Midnight Mafia.

The first match of the evening featured former WWA US Heavy Weight Champion Redd Alert competing against Simple Simon.

Hot Rodz Vs The Unchained Outlaw

Moco Loco Vs Tony Ice Vs Venom

Thump Dupree Vs Joe Blackburn

Monster Vs Royal The Lion of Judah

The Midnight Mafia Vs Latin Fury

NightStalker Vs Joe Blackburn

El Diablo Vs The Unchained Outlaw

Randy Starr & Monster Vs Curse and NightStalker


About Professional Wrestler Rick Love

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