Pro Wrestler Simple Simon

Pro WrestlersSimple Simon is ready to tear up the rankings in the Pro Wrestling Fit Championship Wrestling from Florida. A longtime wrestler back in the days of the WWA, Simon came across some hard times and was pushed to the brink of Insanity to the point where he wound up in the Florida State mental Institution. He had been living in a straight jacket for 10 years until he was discovered by Leroy Jenkins on the side of the road doing a work release program to try and support what little was left of his family. Leroy took this gentle giant under his wing and now seems to have control of this beast with the best of his ability.

Leroy has taken sole caregivership of this crazed animal and with the proper medication seems to have him under “control” as far as control goes.  He is working on finding the proper balance between making him a gentle giant and unleashing a crazed killer.  And when that happy medium is found no one is safe and the sky is the limit for this madman.

Pro Wrestling in Orlando

Leroy “Snowball” Jenkins is set to dominate Pro Wrestling Fit

He is an accomplished wrestler as well—a fact that will surprise many of his already fear stricken opponents.  He can mat wrestle with anyone—will occasionally fly like a cruiserweight—-basically adapting himself to whatever his opponent throws at him—it is this aspect in the ring where the crazy man actually shows he has some working knowledge of the fine sport—and his finisher the “ISOLATION ROOM” is something that has to be seen to be believed

Although Professional Wrestler Simple Simon is clinically insane he still possesses remarkable wrestling ability and Leroy has unleashed this monster on the ranks of the Cwfl. Fear and terror should be on the mind of all fans and opponents whenever Simple Simon comes in a Pro Wrestling Fit ring near you. Unorthodox in style, mannerisms and speech—but shrewd in mind, stealth and highly adept in the ring—Simon is surely destined for the top of the PWF ladder.


About Professional Wrestler Rick Love

I am the best selling author of the most popular dating book ever written and Professional Wrestling's original heart-throb. As a full time pro wrestler I spend about 188 days a year on the road. Join me in my travels by visiting my blogs or visit my personal website .
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