Nick Foley is Hardcore Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Fit Florida is the home of Hardcore Professional Wrestling and Nick Foley is the King of Hardcore.

As a native of the quiet desert town of Lone Wolf, New Mexico, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 235 pounds, you might not expect much from this man. But when he clears the curtain heading to the ring he quickly transforms into Nick Foley the King of Hardcore, one of the most feared men in professional wrestling.

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The King of Hardcore, Nick Foley at Pro Wrestling Fit Florida

This professional wrestler’s career began by training in the rough and tumble world of Indy Wrestling and went to a Pro Wrestling School (Dojo) run by Afa the Wild Samoan, where there was no weight room, no showers or air conditioning. Just a ring, with no padding and veteran wrestlers who would pound the lessons of how to be a wrestler into you. There were no motivational speeches or nutrition coaches at this school. To become a wrestler you had to fight and earn the respect of the other wrestlers. You got to “Break Into The Business” by facing the toughest S.O.B. in the group in a match and giving it your all. There weren’t any MTV cameras or WWE recruiters hanging around. It was the bottom of the business and you were going to have to earn your way to the top. That is exactly what Nick Foley has been doing for the last few years. His biggest feud to date has been with High Profile Dylan Knight and ended with Nick Foley winning the WXW Hardcore Title.

Nick Foley’s life is a mix of wonder and craziness. Getting to live his dream as a professional wrestler is his biggest motivation and entertaining the fans in number one on his mind. If you like watching those suntanned pretty boys with their washboard abs roll around and hug each other on the mat then you probably won’t like Nick Foley much. But, if it’s a real knock down drag out fight where teeth have to be swept up off the floor after match then Nick is your guy. By coincidence, he shares last names and an uncanny family resemblance to another “Hardcore Legend”, WCW, ECW and WWE Star Mick Foley.

Neither man will comment on what their relationship is or if they are related but the creator of the Hardcore Style of Wrestling, Terry Funk said, “If these boys aren’t legally related someone’s mama has some explaining to do!”

Nick Foley has become a major force to deal with at WXW for the last three years in Lake County Florida where he held the honor of being Hardcore Champion for a full year. He is currently a co-holder of the WXW Tag Team Titles and is now looking to make a name for himself worldwide as he shoots for the Pro Wrestling Fit International World Hardcore Title.

Nick Foley has worked for all of the top promotions in the state of Florida and is now looking to reach out to the national and international wrestling promotions. He is one of wrestling’s curiosities after each show you will find him shaking hands, signing autographs and thanking fans. When asked why he does it he said: “I want to take this time to thank you, the fans, who come out and support what we do, without you there would be no reason for this business. my life can be crazy at times, and I may confuse some of you, but as long as I can entertain you and keep you coming back for more it is all worth-while. So sit back and enjoy, please feel free to comment, or write me on facebook. I promise I will respond. Thanks again for joining me on this journey, and see you at the matches!”


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