Pro Wrestling Show in Orlando February 2nd 2013

Saturday: February 2nd 2013: Pro Wrestling Fit Championship Wrestling From Florida show in Orlando, Florida. Along with the matches the show featured three additional and entertaining points of interest for the fans.

First, Bobbi Maracai introduced a limited line of baked goods from The Million Dollar Bakery for fans to sample at consumer friendly prices. Normally products from The Million Dollar Baker are only available to upscale private buyers who have them catered to their homes. The desert items seemed to be the hit of the night with some tasty treats selling out before the first match started. A fan who was purchasing baked goods while Maracai was at the table and answered her cellular phone claims that he could clearly hear the voice of Ted DiBiase coming from the phone. It has been rumored before that these two are somehow connected through mutual business contacts but PWF staff members have been unable to confirm it and DiBiase and Maracai both have refused to comment on it. Maracai did comment that she is not happy that PWF slipped something past her in the vendor agreement that she signed stated that she must keep pricing family friendly for the length of the agreement. This is good news for pro wrestling fans who are sure to want more and more at upcoming shows.

Another interesting thing that happened was the announcement that the original Rednecks, Joe Blackburn and Randy Starr, have been reinstated and their Professional Wrestler’s licensed have been renewed by the Pro Wrestling Fit Board of Directors. We can expect to see the Rednecks in a professional wrestling match soon. Rick Love, who arrived at the show with four breathtaking beauties, refused to comment on the reinstatement of the Rednecks. The usually talkative Rick Love was unusually quiet tonight and didn’t make a single announcement. Everyone is curious as to why Rick Love is silent lately. Our inside source at the PWF International corporate office said that six Tag Teams have been signed to PWF Florida but the names of the teams are not yet being released.

pro wrestling orlando

The Hillbillies Tag Team, Uncle Jed and Hillbilly Bones in Orlando, Florida

Our favorite Hillbilly, Uncle Jed with his famous three toothed smile, debuted his Tag Team Partner, Hillbilly Bones to the audience and said that they plan to be hitting the ring for some prize money very soon.

Pro Wrestling Fit officials are taking a closer look at the license application of Hillbilly Bones because some people feel that he bears an amazingly close resemblance to a wrestler that was banned from PWF action by former management.

You can be sure that our news reporting staff will be following this story closely. The Hillbillies have made an open challenge to Latin Fury, the current Tag Team champions and plan to make their tag team debut in April so be sure to come on out and show them some support.

pro wrestling match

Todd Token making his PWF debut against Hot Rodz

The opening match featured one-half of the PWF Florida Tag Team Champions, Hot Rodz from Latin Fury, who was accompanied to the ring by his partner, El Diablo.

His opponent was Todd Token, who was making his PWF Florida debut as a professional wrestler. Todd Token is a licensed PWF Referee who is trying to break into competitive wrestling.

Token seemed to be holding his own at first and for just a brief moment it looked like he was taking control of the match.

Then El Diablo interfered with the match allowing Hot Rodz to get a pin and win the match. Latin Fury is making a statement to the pro wrestling community. That statement is that they are here to win!

pro wrestling show orlando

Curse faces The Master in Orlando, Florida

The second match featured CURSE with Leroy Jenkins, who faced The Master, from our PWF Korea affiliate promotion. CURSE dominated the match most of the time but then The Master’s tag team partner, K’row came to ringside and provided just enough of a distraction to allow The Master to take over and win the match. K’row and CURSE had a two year long war in Korea that gave pro wrestling history some of the most brutal matches ever witnessed. K’row and The Master are the Tag Team combination called, Oriental Alliance who were recently imported to PWF Florida from our PWF Korea affiliate. A reliable source stated that the deep pockets of Bobbi Maracai might have something to do with their appearances at PWF Florida and that other Korean Superstars may be following along soon. Some find it more than a coincidence that these Korean ring warriors are showing up after Maracai’s recent vacation to Cheju-Do Island in South Korea.

pro wrestling in orlando

The Hardcore War has been started here at PWF CWFL

Our next match was more like an all-out war than a wrestling competition. But who would expect anything less from the Hardcore Icon, NightStalker as he faced the diabolical madman Nick Foley. Anything not bolted to the floor seemed to end up in the match. Trash cans, Singapore Canes, Barbed Wire and more. There was Blood, Sweat and Cheers as the crowd couldn’t stay in their seats trying to follow these men around the arena. Out of nowhere CURSE sneak attacked Nick Foley with a clothesline so hard that it would have made Terry Funk flinch.  He then tossed NightStalker on top of him then got the Referee’s attention so that he could do the three count and raise NightStalker’s hand as the winner. Leroy Jenkins announced the NightStalker was now a formal member of his Mid-Night Mafia and that his men were going to dominate the entire industry. This match definitely got the attention of the PWF International Championship Committee who is scouting the PWF Shows for contenders for the PWF World Hardcore Title to be held in the near future.

The Semi-Main event of the night featured the Dancing Machine Bobby Fonta and the Grappler trying to qualify to face Just Cage for the PWF Florida Jr. Heavy Weight Title. After getting cheated out of his chance for the title last time by Latin Fury, Bobby Fonta hit the ring like a man on a mission. The Grappler, who is a very accomplished wrestler, gave Fonta everything that he had but found out that night that the Dancing Machine is for real. Bobby Fonta dominated the Grappler and won the match in just under seven minutes showing the crowd and PWF Management why he deserves another chance to win that golden belt.

pro wrestling show in orlando

Justin Cage wins PWF CWFL Jr Hvy Wt Title

Our Main-Event of the evening was for the PWF Florida Jr. Heavy Weight Championship and put our champion, Justin Cage with manager Bobbi Maracai, in the ring once again with the number one contender, Moco Loco. After winning the belt just 14 days ago, Justin Cage has already signed title defense agreements with every top ten ranked contender including the rematch clause with Black Butler, who failed to show up because of a mysterious delay that kept him from making his flight to Orlando. Moco Loco came at the champion full force and lightning fast. Manager Bobbi Maracai kept shouting directions to the champion to keep him moving and taking control of every situation. The match was high flying and high impact from the ring of the first bell until the final pin by Justin Cage that allowed him to retain the title and continue serving Pro Wrestling Fit Florida as your Jr.  Heavy Weight Champion. Bobbi Maracai says that her champions are fighting champions and Justin Cage will face any and all comers, as long as Maracai gets her thirty percent of the winnings.


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  1. Tony Smith says:

    This show was awesome Justin Cage put on a fantastic performance in the ring against Fonta in which both wrestlers left it in the ring. The match consisted of high flying moves and amazing athletic wrestling ability.Cage was victorious in the match.I can not wait to see who he will face off against next for the title.

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