Pro Wrestling Fit Orlando January 19, 2013

The January 19th Pro Wrestling Fit Florida show in Orlando was attended by a packed house of action hungry fans who came to see our special triple main event show that featured the PWF Florida Tag Team Title Match, the PWF Florida Jr Hvy Wt Title Match and the PWF World Martial Arts Title Match. It was the largest viewing audience of PWF Florida so far thanks to the fans that have helped spread the word and showed that the current roster of PWF Florida wrestlers is a real draw. The wrestlers of Pro Wrestling Fit Florida did not disappoint that night in Orlando and brought the crowd to their feet during every match!

pro wrestling school show

Kevin Rhodes takes Uncle Jed to the mat.

The opening match was basically a surprise attack on PWF Florida C.E.O. Kevin Rhodes by Uncle Jed during an interview of Suzy Q, Uncle Jed’s daughter who was there to wish her father a Happy Birthday and celebrate his 25th year in the Professional Wrestling industry.

After some chest stinging chop exchanges and a roll up after an attempted spinning toe hold by Kevin Rhodes “Referee” Justin Cage performed the three count giving Uncle Jed his first victory in Pro Wrestling! Cage then got on the microphone and had some words for Kevin Rhodes.

Later in the locker room, Kevin Rhodes and Justin Cage had to be pulled apart and Kevin Rhodes made a statement to Cage that “I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood and I don’t mind going out the same way!”

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Team Puerto Rico attacks Bobby Fonta to give Moco Loco the advantage and the win.

Up next was Team Puerto Rico up to their tricks when they injected themselves into the match causing Bobby Fonta to fall victim to an attack that gave Moco Loco the advantage and the win. This win over Bobby Fonta made Moco Loco the number 3 contender for the PWF Florida Jr Hvy Wt Title and would put him in the title match later that night. Moco Loco surprised the crowd with some dancing of his own trying to also take Bobby Fonta’s status as “The Dancing Machine”. I’m sure that Bobby Fonta will be looking for his own shot at Moco Loco again soon and even aiming at the PWF Florida Jr Hvy Wt Title.

pro wrestling orlando

Leroy Jenkins unleashes CURSE on the wrestlers of PWF Florida

Leroy Jenkins unleashes his monster CURSE on PWF Florida. Once again the monster known as CURSE proved that The Grappler is no match for him. CURSE’s size and strength seem to be too much for The Grappler as he continues to leave his opponent flat on his back for the three count. Each week it seems that CURSE has some new way planned to destroy his opponents.

The Grappler seems to be a glutton for punishment after suffering his third brutal loss to CURSE he still wants more and has requested a rematch. At the time of this press release we still are not sure if the management will give him another chance.

CURSE is plowing through his opponents at PWF Florida and fans are beginning to wonder why this guy hasn’t been given a PWF Florida Heavy Weight Title Match.

pro wrestling orlando

The Hardcore War: Nightstalker battles Nick Foley

Our Hardcore match for the night almost didn’t happen because Rico Moon did not make it to the arena. But Nick Foley stepped in to fill his place and faced off against PWF’s Hardcore Icon, Nightstalker. The match was nothing short of brutal from bell to bell keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. During the hardcore match Nightstalker faced Nick Foley in place of Rico Moon.

It was a tough battle but just like every hardcore match we have seen Nightstalker in, when the smoke clears, he is still the hardcore icon. Nick Foley thought he was going to easily beat Nightstalker and make an example of him for his partner Rico Moon. He found out that his hard hitting only got him hit harder. Nick Foley broke a chair over Nightstalker’s head and got disqualified but that didn’t slow Nightstalker down one bit. He continued to fight Foley all the way back to the locker room where the wresters were finally able to separate them. It seems that Nick Foley learned that it is going to take a lot to stop Nightstalker!

pro wrestling orlando

PWF Florida Tag Team Title Match Latin Fury Vs. The Rednecks

The PWF Florida Tag Team Title match between Latin Fury and The Rednecks was action packed and surrounded by three instances of controversy. The championship committee is still reviewing the footage to see if the Rednecks deserve a rematch for the titles. First, one half of the new Rednecks, Redd Alert was unable to make the show because of a flight delay that had him stranded at the airport. So the championship committee paired Kevin Rhodes with Tony Mulkey to complete the team and have the match that night. Next, Justin Cage injected himself into the match by holding Kevin Rhodes’s foot under the ropes allowing Latin Fury, the team of El Diablo and Hot Rodz, to get the pin and win the titles. The third and final controversial incident was when the original Rednecks, Joe Blackburn and Randy Starr showed up wanting to know how they could be replaced with new Rednecks. Hot Rodz came out to tell the Rednecks personally that getting the match might be easier than getting the titles because Latin Fury are true champions and back down from nobody in the wrestling industry.

pro wrestling rednecks

Joe Blackburn and Randy Starr confront PWF International C.E.O. Rick Love about Rednecks imposters

Randy Starr and Joe Blackburn had been fired by previous management and replaced by the new Rednecks, Redd Alert and Tony Mulkey. As the original Rednecks they were demanding to be reinstated and given a shot at the PWF Florida Tag Team Titles.

We are waiting to see if the championship committee is going to reinstate the original Rednecks and allow them to face the new PWF CWFL Tag Team Champions.

pro wrestling championship

Ricky Youngblood battles Moco Loco and Justin Cage in a 3 Way Title Match

The Semi-main event of the night was also surrounded by controversy. Black Butler was mysteriously detained causing him to miss a mandatory title defense. So the top three contenders faced each other for the PWF Florida Jr Hvy Wt Title. The number three contender, Moco Loco came to the ring first. Followed by the number two contender, third generation superstar Ricky Youngblood who was recently signed to the PWF USA roster. The crowd went crazy upon hearing that Justin Cage, lead to the ring by his manager Bobbi Maracai, would be the number one contender and have a shot at the PWF Florida Jr Hvy Wt Title. It was a fast paced non-stop action packed battle that ended with Just Cage capturing the title. He had been the NWA Florida Jr Hvy Wt Champion and lost the title when the management dumped the NWA and joined with PWF International. Cage felt that it was unfair to lose the title over a brand change instead of against an opponent.

mma martial arts

American Dragon defends the World Martial Arts Title against K’row

The night ended with the Pro Wrestling Fit World Martial Arts Title match that pitted current champion, American Dragon against Korean superstar K’row. American Dragon was determined to make a point to his internet critics that he doesn’t defend his title against more qualified opponents so agreed to face the Korean Pro Wrestling sensation with just a three day notice. K’row wanted to take the fight to the ground where he felt he would have an advantage but quickly learned the American Dragon is also a world class grappler and was able to rapidly arm bar K’row for the win by tap-out.  After the match, through the use of a translator, K’row complained to the championship committee chairman Rick Love that his flight arrived in Orlando from Korea just a few hours before the match. This did not allow hit appropriate time to rest and recover from the 14 hour flight and 12 hour time change. American Dragon said, “Give him a rematch and a week to rest, I am a fighting champion and his dangerous reputation doesn’t impress me one bit.”

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